Wednesday, April 20

Importants for A/c group1 by CAhelpers

A/c Group I =>
Importants (xclusiv CAhelpers'imp)-

-HIRE PURCHASE(stock&debtors method,low value goods)
-Amalgamation(whole chapter)
-Not 4 profit entities(preparing I&E a/c & B/s)
-Single entry(very Imp)
-Cash flow(direct)
-Partnership(entry,retirement & death)
-Fire claim(7 steps' sum)
-Alteration of capital (cap. Reduction,ESOP, etc.)
-Investment(valuation & a/cing)
-AS(very imp., we will provide u in few days)

*the list will include some more topics, topics abov givn wil nt b removd but some topics may b included*

*stay connected with us*

-Team CAhelpers

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