Thursday, June 23

Free SMS alerts

Now becoming CA made too easy. We run some SMS channels providing DAILY FREE CA study related alerts, learn on your mobile.

Just type-


send to 09870807070

similarly for more alerts send-

JOIN CAhelpers


JOIN freeCAalerts

send to 09870807070


then send-

JOIN CAnCS_updates

send to 09870807070


Send all in different-different messages.

You will recieve daily around 12 SMS of alerts.
Just join all now.


This is a FREE SMS alert service for which you will not have to pay anything except only for the time of registration, which is as low as Re.1 (Standard STD SMS price, free if you have national SMS pack.) It will be charged just once, afterwards it will be TOTALLY FREE.

So its an investment for lifetime. Just by investing Re.1, you will get all study related alerts in your inbox for FREE. Just join all of them now.

And if you are subscribed to DND then, send below SMS apart from above SMS-


send to 1909

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