Wednesday, June 1

Important instructions for Students appearing for any level of CS exam in june2011

Candidates enrolled for
appearing in the
examinations are advised
to carefully read and
observe the "Instructions
to Examinees" printed on the reverse side of the
Admission Certificate (Roll
Number), and also on the
Question Papers and
Answer Books. However,
attention of candidates is especially invited to the
following instructions: i. on receipt of Admission Certificate (Roll No.), first of
all, the candidates must
verify carefully the entries
appearing therein.
Discrepancy/error, if any,
in the Admission Certificate concerning spellings of his/
her name, stage of
examination and
examination centre;
medium of writing the
answers, subject of examination in which
exemption was sought/
shown, etc., should, at
once, be brought to the
notice of the Senior
Director of Administration and Students Services well
on time before
commencement of the
examination; ii. candidates are required to bring daily to the
Examination Hall their
Admission Certificates and
Student Identity Cards
failing which they may not
be allowed admission to the Examination Hall and/
or to appear in the
examination; iii. before attempting to write answers in the
answer books, each
candidate must write his/
her Roll Number on the
special slip affixed to
Answer Book Nos. 1, 1-B and 1-C, date of
examination, stage of
examination, name of the
paper, etc. against the
relevant columns on the
first page of the main answer books and also on
the top of Question Paper. iv. candidates must attempt questions in
accordance with the
directions given on each
Question Paper. If the
questions are attempted in
excess of the prescribed number, only the questions
attempted first upto the
required numbers will be
valued and awarded marks
and the remaining
questions will be ignored; v. each question should start on a fresh page
and sub-question(s) be
consecutively; vi. while attempting a fresh question/sub-
question, candidates
should distinctly mention
respective question
number against the answer
in bold capital letters with coloured sketch pen/
different colour ink and
underline the same (e.g. ANS. TO Q. NO. 3(A) on the left-hand side margin
of the answer book and
also simultaneously mark
(X) in the table provided on
the cover page against the
respective question number; vii. candidates are expected to write precise
and to the point answers
to questions set in for the
examinations in neat and
legible handwriting citing
relevant provisions of the Act/rules quoting case
laws, etc., in support of the
answers wherever
applicable; viii. no candidate shall leave/be allowed to leave
the Examination Hall; (i)
within first one hour of
commencement of
examination, (ii) during last
15 minutes of examination timing, (iii) without signing
the attendance sheet, and
(iv) without properly
handing over his/her
answer books to the
Invigilator on duty; ix. a few minutes prior to the time of conclusion of
examination or before
handing over the answer
books to the supervisory
staff, candidates must re-
check and ensure that they have filled up relevant
particulars on the cover
page of Answer Book Nos.
1, 1-B and 1-C, as the case
may be, and properly tied
up all the additional answer books along with the main
answer book; x. candidates should strictly adhere the
instructions being given by
the Invigilator(s)/
Supervisors in the
Examination Hall; xi. candidates are strictly forbidden to carry with
them into the Examination
Hall any book or printed/
handwritten material,
notes, pager, mobile/cell
phone, etc., OR to talk or converse inter se with
other candidates in the
Examination Hall; xii. no candidate shall, leave his/her seat in the
examination hall during
the course of examination
without the specific
permission of the
Invigilator on duty for any reason whatsoever; xiii. on completion of examination or expiry of
the prescribed
examination timing, the
answer book must be
handed over immediately
to the Invigilator on duty and Invigilator's signatures
be obtained in the relevant
column of
acknowledgement printed
on the Admission
Certificate in token of handing over the answer
books. The
Superintendents of
Examination Centres have
suitably been given
instructions in this regard; xiv. it shall be the personal responsibility of the
candidate concerned to
properly hand over his/
her answer book(s) to the
Invigilator on duty in the
Examination Hall and obtain acknowledgement
therefor. Any
representation regarding
omission to handover the
written answer book(s) or
not obtaining the acknowledgement from
the Invigilator at the time
of handing over his/her
answer book(s) for any
reason whatsoever will not
be entertained after the conclusion of that
particular session of
examination; and xv. any attempt or act of violation of "Instructions
to Examinees" shall be
viewed seriously and entail
disciplinary action under
the "Company Secretaries
Regulations, 1982".

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