Tuesday, July 19

Results are not an end.... (Must Read)

Hi all,
Results of CA Final and CPT are now out. We hope you may have cleared it with flying colours.
People who cleared CPT, welcome to the real world of CA. Now you will learn how to overcome your fear and live with courage and struggle.
Those who cleared Final, you all deseve a salute from our side. May you rock the professional world.

Those who could not make it this time, Don't worry about delay in success, because slow but steady wins the race. You will rock it next time. Learn from your failure & mistakes. Don't under-estimate yourself, as only 5-6% people in India are not genius, you are also genius but luck is not with you. Learn from the mistakes you did this time, don't repeat the same next time. Start preparation right now and burn your midnight oil and make it this time, almighty God is with you. Never lose hope. Remember nobody is perfect in this bloody world. Just you need time, luck and hardwork with you.

BEST OF LUCK for next time or life.
Never lose hope.
Hardwork always pays, may be late or early.

Team CA helpers

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