Friday, September 16

Practice Manuals/ Compilation of Suggested Answers for PCC & IPCC

These are Handy & Readymade Books for All Previous Exams Question with Suggested Answer as per ICAI. Questions in these books are sorted Chapterwise but compiled in a single file exclusively by cahelpers, which will Help you in deciding weightage for Each chapter for Last time Revision.

These books will surely Enhance your Knowledge & Increment your Marks by 20% Atleast.

Click on Name of Subject for Direct Download.

1. Advance Accountancy(PCC Syllabus)*

2. Audit and Assurance

3. Costing

4. Financial Management

5. Infotech & Strategic Management

6. Law, Etics & Communication

7. Taxation

* Compiler for Account is As per PCC syllabus in Which some Topics of IPCC may not be covered.

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