Sunday, October 9

Denmark imposes 'fat tax' to curb unhealthy eating habits

Denmark has become the first country in the world to ‘tax fatty foods’ in order to curb unhealthy eating habits.
The Nordic country has introduced a tax, of 16 Kroner (1.84 pounds) per kilogram of saturated fat in a product, a media report said.
Food director at Denmark's Confederation of Industries, Ole Linnet Juul, said the tax would increase the price of a burger by around 0.09 pounds and would raise the price of a small package of butter by around 0.25 pounds.
Like some other European countries, Denmark already has higher fees on sugar, chocolates and soft drinks.
The outgoing conservative Danish government planned the fat tax as part of a goal to increase the average life expectancy of Danes.
Linnet Juul said the tax mechanism is very complex, involving tax rates on the percentage of fat used in making a product rather than the percentage that is in the end-product.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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