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The wait is over. We are publishing Importants for IPCC/PCC November 2011 exam currently in image and PDF format (with Multiple Server Download). The JPG (Image) format has been given to enable this post to be viewed on mobiles also, on special request by many fans using mobile for internet.

NOTE (PCC Students): 

PCC Students must take a note that these importants are arranged in order for IPCC students. For PCC Students, order and important are as below-

Paper 1: Advanced Accounting - 
Go to Page: 5 and 16. Combine both Accounts G1 and G2 of IPCC.

Paper 2:  Auditing and Assurance -
Go to Page: 17 and 18.

Paper 3:  Law, Ethics and Communication -
Go to Page: 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Paper 4:  Cost Accounting and Financial Management -
Go to Page:10 and 11.

Paper 5: Taxation
Go to Page: 12, 13, 14 and 15.
Your important are same of IPCC except-
1. Taxable Services notified by ICAI,
2. Input Tax Credit and Composition Scheme
3. VAT registration.

Paper 6:  Information Technology and Strategic Management -
Go to Page: 19, 20 and 21.

EXCLUSIVELY by : CA helpers

Before you download, we suggest you to save this file in phone or PC and if possible take a printout of all "PHOTOS" (Print of PDF will not be possible), so that in the time of exams you will not need to come online and check it again and again... Make a booklet of it and keep it with you.

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Inroduction: PAGE 1

Inroduction: PAGE 2

Disclaimer : PAGE 3

Forward : PAGE 4

Accounts G1 : PAGE 5

Law part 1: PAGE 6

Law part 3: PAGE 7

Company Law and Ethics : PAGE 8
Business Communication: PAGE 9

Costing & FM Part1 : PAGE 10

Costing & FM part2 : PAGE 11
Taxation part 1 : PAGE 12

Taxation part 2 : PAGE 13
Taxation part 3 : PAGE 14
Taxation part 4 : PAGE 15

Advance Accountancy : PAGE 16
Audit Part 1: PAGE 17
Audit Part 2 : PAGE 18

IT and SM Part 1 : PAGE 19

IT and SM Part 2 : PAGE 20

IT and SM Part 3 : PAGE 21 (wrongly written Page 1)

Closure : PAGE 22 (wrongly written Page 2)

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