Sunday, February 10

New scheme of GMCS Training for CA students

This is to bring to your kind notice that the Council has decided that the General Management & Communication Skills (GMCS) Course, presently being organized for 15 days for the CA students shall be organized twice during the period of articled training as under:

(i) GMCS-I (15 days) - during 1st year of articled training
(ii) GMCS-II (15 days) - after completion of 18 months of articled training but before completion of articled training.

In view of the above, students, who have registered for Articled Training on or after 1st May, 2012 are required to undergo GMCS-I Course during the 1st year of articled training.

General Management and Communication Skills Course has been designed for the students to develop effective communication and conversational skills and also to inculcate business acumen and to improve public relations skills. The inputs on Strategic Decision Making, Articulation Skills, Data Analysis and Research Methodology, Group Discussion and Preparation of Project Report etc. are essential to face the upcoming challenges of the professional environment.

Therefore, you are requested to advise the articled trainee(s) working under your guidance to undergo the GMCS-I Course, since it is a regulatory requirement and part of the Articled training. There is an option for those who are registered prior to 1st May also to attend, which however would be counted as leave. This initiative would strengthen your office and keep the trainees motivated.


Editor team, CAhelpers

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