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Lukewarm response from big corporates in reecession is forcing the ICAI to turn towards SMEs for recruitment of CAs

Ahmedabad: Like in every other professional field, economic slump seems to have dug its icy claws deep on Chartered Accountants’ (CA) job prospects in Gujarat too. For, only four big companies have participated in the placement programme this year, forcing the institute to turn towards SMEs for recruitment.

The unusual lukewarm response from big corporate houses and concern to safeguard students’ job prospects have grabbed the attention of senior administrators at the Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Ahmedabad chapter, where placement interviews have begun from Friday. Talking to media on Monday, CA Tarun Ghia, a member of central council, said salary offered to the CAs in last few years is also a cause of concern.

“In order to enhance opportunity for students, we have decided to invite small and medium enterprises (SMEs) too, to the programme. Though we have not begun the process of inviting them as yet, their participation in the recruitment process will boost students’ job growth,” he said.


Ghia further said that while bigger companies recruit the CAs for financial matters, the SMEs can hire them for various purposes — from finance, administration and draft writing to mention a few. “CAs goes through tough training and the in-depth multi-skilled knowledge should be translated in remuneration,” he said.

Though he did not have statistics about the last few years’ placement season for the Ahmedabad branch; Ghia, however, maintained the institute would approach SMEs for better CAs’ career prospects.

As per the statistics shared by the ICAI, Ahmedabad chapter, nine companies were part of the campus placement programme in 2012 where 67 chartered accountants were recruited. Against this, only four companies have participated in this year’s placement season and 50 CAs expect to be placed. According to an office-bearer, about 12 companies had participated in the campus programme last year.

“Economic slowdown has a larger impact on CA recruitment scene too. As stated by the finance minister, many companies have refrained from completing their ambitious projects. Therefore, if a company has two CAs already, they would rather increase their pays, than hire an additional one,” explained Dhinal Shah, another member of ICAI Ahmedabad chapter.

Source : DNA, Ahmedabad edition ; Page: 2 ; Date; 13/08/2013

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