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May 2014 CA exams likely to be held as per schedule, there are less chances of postponements. STOP SPREADING RUMORS. - CAhelpers

ATTENTION : May 2014

We are receiving numerous querries that whether the MAY 2014 CA examinations will get postpone due to the General Elections during May - June 2014.

To address this question, we are writing this post.

Please go through below facts carefully-
1. The term of current UPA Government will get over on 31st May, 2014 officially.
2. There are high chances that UPA Govt. will complete it's full term.
3. There are remote chances, that UPA government leave it's power before the term and declare election before due time.
4. Seeing to the current political scenario in India, there are less chance that election will be held in May 2014.
5. ICAI have not issued any announcement on this part yet..
6. Even if the government surrenders power and declare early election, then we can see a postponement but chances are remote.
7. Generally ICAI does not pre-pone exams, but it can do on request by Election Commission or in interest of students, so we can even see 5-7 days pre-ponement of exams. 
8. ICAI has not issued even schedule of May 2014 examinations yet.

There may be a possibility of election in June 2014, that means the CA exams will not be postponed and may even be pre-poned to get exams finished by 15th May, 2014. So we request everyone not to spread rumor of postponement of exam and also do not believe on rumors.Please do not take rest, study hard, burn your midnight oils, the exams are near now.

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We request every student appearing in May 2014 exams, to prepare as hard as possible and not to get relaxed believing on rubbish rumors of postponement of exams. There is no announcement by ICAI. And as stated by us there are remote chances of postponement. So please study as if exams are in May 2014 only. Please do not get relaxed. Team CAhelpers is always available for your help.

As and when ICAI issues an announcement regarding, pre-ponement or postponement or schedule of May 2014 examinations, we will be updating you on our websites as well as social media. 

Issued in interest of students by CAhelpers

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