Friday, February 27

CA Final - May 2015 - Recommended Study Schedule and Reference Books

Don't let the Exam Frustration rule your mind.
On our Facebook Page / Admin Profile and Twitter Page, we get so many messages from Students, as to how should we prepare for the Exams, what should be the Study Schedule, How much Study for a day is enough, Which book in which Subject should be referred, whether I would be able to complete the Course? Well, all these questions are natural, when you are bracing up for a big exam like of CA Final. So here in this post, we are bringing you an ideal Study Schedule and the Suggested Reference Books for each Subject. 


Please note that, all the books referred here are only recommendation by us, we do not have any affiliation with these Authors / Publication House, based on the experience and feedback of various students. You may find, any other book even better.

Recommended Study Schedule and Reference Books (Click to Download)

or You can view the File online here -

We hope this would be helpful to all of you.

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