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Proposed Changes in the curriculum of CA and How students should deal with these

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”
― Heraclitus

In 2014, ICAI had set up a Committee for Review of Education and Training (CRET). The Committee was to review its existing system of Education and Training and examine, whether or not, it is adequate in the context of existing requirements and anticipated changes in the environment.

The New Proposed Scheme of Education and Training was released at the Annual Function of ICAI held on February 11th 2015 at Delhi. A complete booklet outlining the Scheme and also significant changes along with reasons thereof is hosted on the Institute's website at the given link Proposed Scheme of Education and Training.


The Proposed Changes are, as below-

Proposed Overall Scheme

Route II - Direct Entry Scheme overview

Changes in CPT (Foundation) and Names of Stages of Course

Changes in IPC (Intermediate Level)

Changes in Structure of Practical Training

Changes in Final Stage

Invitation of Comments on Proposed Scheme from Members-
Members of ICAI are requested to send comments on the Proposed Scheme as early as possible as but not later than 28thFebruary 2015, by sending an e-mail to


All the changes that have been proposed are open for comments of Public and shall be finalized by the Council of Institute based on the Public Comments. Thereafter, the due process of drafting of CA Regulations, taking approval from Central Government, and exposing the draft Regulations for public comments for 45 days will be followed. All the steps would be involving considerable time.

Once the scheme is approved, the Implementation Scheme, including Transitional Provisions for Students of the existing Scheme shall also be formulated for smooth transition. Timeline will also be so set that the students get a reasonable opportunity for smoothly shifting to the New Scheme. While formulating the Transitional Scheme, reasonable care shall be taken to allow exemption to the students in respect of Subjects which they have already cleared under the existing scheme. Hence, till the time, students are advised to continue studying regularly as per the existing scheme and curriculum.


All the changes proposed will not happen overnight, there might be some changes, which can be avoided by the Council. After everything goes fine, at least 3-4 months will pass, in getting approval from Central Government and Exposing Draft to the public. Implementation Schedule will also take a reasonable time (somewhere about an year).

Almost this process may take about one and half year. Also the transitional Provisions for existing student will be made. So the existing student need not to panic. At least the students having attempt till December 2015, need not to disturb there regular study schedule and should not worry. ICAI is well aware about the students' situation. Any change will be done after giving reasonable time to students so that they can smoothly shift to the new scheme.

In short, students need not to worry and should not change there study schedules. The changes will almost take 1 or 1.5 years to come into force.

Students are advised to continue with the current curriculum and need not to panic. All the changes will be done after giving reasonable notices and considerable time to the existing scheme.

Source: ICAI

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